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Wedding Photography at The Ashes

Katie and Jonny at The Ashes. Another fantastic wedding at The Ashes Exclusive Barn venue in Endon, Staffordshire just outside of Leek.

What a turnaround for these guys in terms of the weather. It started off as such a wet and rainy day that I was expecting a complete washout. Umbrella at the ready I arrived to a very wet venue. Katie and Jonnys wedding was a very relaxed affair and had a much more party feel to it as the guests began arriving.

The rain kept falling but it didn’t seem to dampen their spirits, they were very much a take it as it comes couple. Amazingly however, just as the ceremony was starting the rain stopped and it started to dry up. By the time the ceremony had finished it was becoming a very warm and dry day.

We held off doing any photography on the front lawn due to it being very wet but by the time the wedding breakfast had finished the weather had done a 180 degree turn and even the courtyard had dried off. We then wandered over to the lawn to capture a fabulous sunset on the bridge. A location I’ve wanted to use ever since I first visited the Ashes Have a look at some of the shots and to see the whole storyboard click below


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