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The framing company I use specialises in luxury high quality wooden mouldings. You can pick from a large range of colours and sizes and a vast range of mount layouts including single image and multi aperture mounts.

It doesn’t matter what frame you choose or how many images you would like to put in it. The price is based on the size of the longest edge so whether you have one image or 5 images the price will be the same.

Have a scan through this page and select your favourite moulding and the layout you would like based on the size. All mouldings are real word, no plastic or mdf frames that are sealed from within to prevent dust.


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Which moulding would you like your frame to be? Scroll through the frames to see the different colours available in each style.


Are you looking for a single image or multiple, Here are some mounts you can choose from. Scroll through the variations to see the different arrangements you can buy.

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Ordering Your Frame

Fill in the details below and I will send you an invoice to be paid.

If you have already put down a deposit on your wall art and have any pre-approved discount I will apply this to the final invoice before I request payment.

What happens next?

Once you have ordered your frame I will get in touch with which image you want to put on it and then payment will be due.

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