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Where are you based?

You can find me in Leek, Staffordshire

Where do you cover?

I cover weddings in Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire. I prefer not to travel too far but if you get in touch I’ll let you know if I can make a special allowance for your wedding

How much does wedding photography cost?

It depends on a number of factors. What time of year, is it a weekend or weekday, where is the venue etc. My wedding prices start at £1000 so get in touch to find out how much your wedding will cost. The more detail you provide the better quote I can give you.

How long are you at the wedding for?

I don’t really have a set time I start and finish. I start with bridal prep and I finish when I’m done. Usually that means after the first dance, but if I haven’t captured everything I wanted to capture then I will stay longer until I have. Or if the sun is setting leaving a beautiful sunset later on in the evening then I’ll hang around to grab that too.

My job is to capture your story and I’ll leave when I have got it!

Do I get Copyright of my images?

Avoid any wedding photographer who claims to be giving you “Copyright” of the images. By law the person who takes a photograph owns the copyright. This can only be transfered with a legal document. People who claim to be giving you copyright of your images are misinformed and should be best avoided.

What you are looking for is a licence to print. I give you a licence to print your images with no restrictions meaning you can make your own albums, calendars, gift cards, prints etc forever and as many times as you would like.

The only thing you cannot do is sell the photographs on to another person.

By retaining the copyright and giving you a licence it means that I can keep a copy of your photographs forever backed up on my cloud servers. If you lose your copy at any point you can come back to me to get another copy.

Anyone who actually does transfer copyright of the images to you is not legally allowed to keep those photographs unless you subsequently produce a legal agreement saying otherwise.

How many photographs will I get?

This really depends on your wedding. I don’t have a specific number that I aim to capture. The more people, events, dances, speeches, smiles, stuff etc at a wedding the more photographs I will capture.

Typically you are looking at somewhere between 300 and 400 photos.

Are you insured?


I have public liability insurance which is the one your venue is concerned with and I also have proffessional indemnity insurance.

How long after my wedding will I see my photographs?

Typically I will have your wedding photographs ready within 3 weeks of your wedding. This increases to 6 weeks during the summer months due to the sheer number of weddings I have to edit.

I always endeavor to put a “sneak peek” up within a few days of your wedding.

What happens if you are ill?

Wedding Photography tends not to attract those prone to illness, but it does happen so your Photographer must have a plan for this eventuality. Don’t accept the answer “I never get ill”. I am party to an active Private Forum of over 230 Professional Photographers, if I am ill on your day I will always find a replacement.

Do you do a Pre-Wedding visit of our Venue(s) with us?

It’s not out of the question although it isn’t commonplace. I’ve photographed so many different weddings at so many different venues that it is really not necessary to do a venue visit. Since I spend the majority of your day capturing it candidly it’s irrelevant to me what the venue is like. I’m interested in the moments.

For portraits they are light and weather driven so visiting the venue on any day other that your actual wedding day makes it a fruitless exercise as I’ll be going wherever the light is best rather than where the features of the venue are best.

How many Group(formal) photos do you take?

The key to successful group shots is keeping their number to as few as possible, I find 10 images to be the sweet spot. Even moving quickly, which is rare, your guests won’t like being herded around too much so a rough rule of thumb is to allow 2 mins per group shot.

Any more than 20 minutes of time spent doing group shots can become a chore for you and your guests.

Do we have to book when we meet you?

Not at all.

You are welcome to take my advice, and go away to think about it. However I can only guarantee the date once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, so by all means take as long as you need to make your decision, but bare in mind someone could book your date in the meantime.