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Or is it “The Bride That Wouldn’t Let Go”

This is one of my favourite ceremony photographs. I love the light that has fallen on the brides face. I love the connection and eye contact between the subjects and I love the moment.

Alicia came down the aisle of The Ashes East Barn with her Dad. Whenever I see this moment it sends shivers down my spine. My daughter is 5 years old but I can’t help fast forwarding to this moment in my life when I’ll be the Dad walking Daisy down the aisle. As they reached the end of the aisle the music continued playing and Alicia and her dad just stood there hands clasped. It was a beautiful moment.

What I love about it as a moment is that it makes you stop and really think about that part of your day. Your wedding will fly by and unless you pause and take in each part  -moments like this will pass you by. I love being the one to be able to preserve a moment like that forever, as people grow older you’ll always have these moments to look back on at your wedding and reflect even if you missed them on the day.

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