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The Tissue

I’m often sharing very creative and grand shots. But I’m going to concentrate a lot this year on grabbing the moments that really show human nature at a wedding. I’ll be doing it through this: “One of My Favourite Wedding Photograph” series.

First up we have The Tissue.

Angharads Dad had just walked into the room as she was finishing getting ready. She got quite emotional seeing her dad and her Dad also found it impossible to not have a few tears. It’s a lovely moment when Dad first sees her bride but it is often very difficult to capture because when people hug their faces dissapear.

You often need expression in order to feel part of a photograph and with faces burried in arms it doesn’t always have the same impact. However this moment just after the hug is a really lovely one. The bridemaid still has a job to do and gets on with tying the brides dress whilst the family step back. I love the eye contact between the four subjects in this shot showing real human connection.
Ashes Wedding Photography