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The Pearl Book

Pearl Book wedding albums are a great way to get a high quality wedding album without breaking the bank. These are very modern storybooks with a lovely non reflective lustre finish. It’s almost like a mix between the fine art and the lustre book in that its a matte finish but with a satin lamination so theres no reflection but it has plenty of punch.

The reason why this book costs less than the other two are threefold:

It has a faux leather cover
It doesn’t lay completely flat
The pages are thinner

Other than that its every bit as good as the other deluxe wedding albums I sell.

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  • 9 x 9 inch – £400
  • 12 x 12 inch – £500


These books come in a series of awesome colours and material. You can have leather or cotton in the follow colours

Faux Leather

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Parent Albums

You can purchase 10 inch parent albums for only £200 each once you have purchased a 10 or a 12 inch Pearl Wedding Album.

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How Many Photos Shall I pick?

The standard size of a wedding album is 15 spreads (30 pages) and I tend to find that the following guidelines work well

10 inch book – 60-80 photos

12 inch book – 80-120 photos

This does depend on how busy you like your spreads. If you want lots of double page spreads with only one photo across the spread then you’ll need to choose the lower end of the number. If you like lots of busy spreads then you’ll be fine with the higher end.

I basically just try and fit the number of photos you choose to 15 spreads. Then take a look, if it looks too cluttered then we can add more spreads for a small additional cost per spread of £20.

See an example layout below. This album has 82 photos in it

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Order your wedding album

Fill in the details below and I will send you an invoice to be paid.

If you have already put down a deposit on your wedding album and have any pre-approved discount I will apply this to the final invoice before I request payment.

What happens next?

Once you have ordered your wedding album I will send you some information about how to select your wedding images you wish to put in the album. 50% of payment is due before the album is designed and the remaining 50% is due once the design is approved.

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