Charlotte and Ben celebrated their wedding recently and I was their photographer. I was ecstatic to be part of such a delightful celebration. The Ashes located in Endon was a perfect choice for the wedding. It is a place you can never get bored no matter the number of times you have been there.

Charlotte got ready at The Dressing Room on the morning of the wedding. I captured every detail of the developing story as the bridal party finished doing their hair and makeup. Ben prepared himself at his parents house. It’s always interesting how different groom prep is to bridal prep. The biggest difference is usually the time it takes. The groom is dressed and ready in a matter of minutes whereas the bride’s preparation is always a lot more complicated. Us guys have it easy 🙂

Friends and family looked on as Charlotte and Ben exchanged rings in an awesome ceremony at The West Barn. A touching reading which brought a tear to the eye and a warm feeling to the heart.

The reception was a success and everyone had a smile on their face. The venue served drinks and everyone had an incredible time. I enjoy drifting among the guests to take the best shots and witness the stories unfold as the hours go by. There’s always plenty of time to capture a few portraits and group shots but I like to spend the majority of the drinks reception capturing candid moments. Spring weddings let me get the best of each moment. The sun showed its face and made the day nice and bright, which was really nice to see, and it made taking the photographs a joy on the day. 

After the hearty wedding breakfast, everyone waited eagerly for the speakers to deliver their words.  Once the evening got going the dance floor was a perfect place for the guests to end the day. 

As well as having a thoroughly stunning day, it was just a joy to photograph Charlotte and Ben’s wedding and I just know they will build a fantastic life together.