Spring Wedding Photography

Covering Lisa and Carl’s wedding was a real privilege as a wedding photographer. They were married at The Ashes in Endon which is in the county of Staffordshire. I work at the Ashes all the time, but every wedding is different because weddings are all about the people and the venue has little to do with the story, thats where family, friends and emotions come in.

It was a pleasure capturing Lisa at the Old Dairy as she got ready for the day. I shot her having her hair and makeup applied whilst the atmosphere built steadily for the big moment when the happy couple would say their vows. Once Lisa was ready her Dad and Brother came into the Old Dairy to see her wedding dress for the first time. It’s always a great moment to capture. Once everyone was ready Lisa made her way over to the West Barn for the big reveal and the exchange of rings.

The West Barn Ceremony

It was an honour for friends and family to witness Lisa and Carl’s big day in the West Barn. Working as a wedding photographer in Staffordshire offers fantastic opportunities to cover ceremonies like this. The ring barer and Carl’s best man was their son Edward who did a stellar job looking after the rings and bringing them out at the right moment. It made their ceremony very unique.

Lisa and Carl enjoyed spending quality time with their family and friends and loved every bit of their reception. There was a feeling of happiness and joy in the air as everyone enjoyed themselves. Chasing each special moment is my mission as a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography in the Rain

I always enjoy Spring weddings and they never fail to offer plenty of opportunities to photograph the bride and groom. The rain soaked the venue for the first half of the day, but Lisa and Carl did not let it affect them, then the Sun came out and we were able to take advantage of the wondrous grounds around the venue.

The guest had finished their meals and eagerly waited to hear what the speakers had to say. Some of the best reactions are captured whilst the speeches are being delivered. Since Carl’s best man was only 2 years old he was forgiven for not making a speech :-). The evening celebrations began once Carl’s speech had finished. The DJ played some epic tunes inviting the newlyweds and their guests to the dance floor.

Weddings like Lisa and Carl’s make my job as a wedding photographer a pleasure and it was a joy to share it with them.