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Staffordshire Portrait Photography Sessions

Here we have another stunning little girl who took part in the family portrait session at Leek’s Hockey Club down on the Macclesfield road. She was not scared of having her photograph taken at all. She was very playful and just embraced my shooting style perfectly. This little girl was great at both posing and smiling as well as running and jumping around.

Often when doing action shots with children you’ll find that they spend a lot of time looking down as they run. You have to give them the instruction to make sure they look at you and smile as they run. Or another tip is to have them try and chase someone or some thing. That way they’ll be watching where it goes. Often I’ll get them to chase me and I’ll chase them. As they chase you, you can run ahead of them and then pretend to fall over (if you don’t actually fall over :-)) and then spin round and photograph them laughing and coming towards you. This is often a great way of getting engaging action shots as the children are genuinely laughing that you fell over (kids are sinister like that – I blame You’ve been Framed).

The tricky part is managing to capture the photograph of the child in focus and composed. To compose it you just have to have run ahead far enough and be faster than them (don’t try this with future athletes :-)). Focusing you really need a fast focussing lens. The Canon 135mm f/2 is perfect for this as it has such a fast focussing mechanism.

Then you just have to be really good at nailing the focus. Put your camera in high speed shutter mode and fire off lots of frames, make sure your shutter is high to freeze the movement and you should be good to go. Do it multiple times – remember you only need that one winning shot!







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