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Barn Weddings Staffordshire – The Proud Father

This is a picture from a recent Barn Wedding at The Ashes with Amanda and Ali. Moments like these happen in a split second and if you arent paying attention then you miss them.

Barn Wedding Venues

Being a father to a beautiful 6 year old daughter I do find myself often watching the father of the bride a lot during a wedding day. You can’t help but put your own perspective into your work as a photographer and I think thats what helps define you from others. Everyone has a different perspective.

In this brief moment Amanda’s Father has just given her away and has sat down, his job is done and I just love this little look up to his daughter. When I look at this picture I wonder what he was thinking?, how did he feel? It transports me to the moment when I’ll be in that spot and I wonder how I will feel. I doubt I’ll be as composed!

I hope that my daughter is able to get married in a setting as beautiful as The Ashes too, I really enjoy Barn Wedding Venues and they make fantastic backdrops for a wedding photographer to do your job.

When you get the opportunity to capture a moment like this you have to react very quickly. I’m always reaching for a wide angle at times like this because I want to tell the viewer more than just one level of story. Had I just closed in on the dad the viewer would have no perspective on what he is looking at, without the bride and groom in the frame it would have lost all it’s meaning. The context is everything.

Venue: The Ashes Barns

Make up: Dollface Makeup

Transport: Endon Wedding Cars

Music: The Provocateurs Band

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