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The First Kiss Wedding Photograph at The Ashes, Endon

I love this photograph of the first kiss at Hannah and Nick’s wedding at The Ashes Wedding Venue in Endon, Staffordshire. I love shooting wide at weddings, you get so much more context and story in your photograph. Look at the sea of faces behind Hannah and Nick, look at all those smiles and happy people. This photograph offers so much more than a closeup of the bride and groom. We can see who else was there, what they thought of it and also we get this lovely view of the barn they got married in.

The Ashes Wedding Photography

When a couple decide to get married they plan it very carefully, the people they invite and the place they get married in is very important and so this wide shot of this moment makes all of that context really matter. Storytelling images are ones where there are layers of interest in the photograph. I love the two Mums faces on the far ends of the room. The round of applause coming from everyone. Look closer and you can see the two best men near the groom and over to the right the two bridesmaids who look so pleased for Hannah and Nick.

Everyone is caught up in the moment and not a single person is distracted by what I’m doing. A lot of that has to do with approach and equipment. I’m shooting this moment on a very small mirrorless camera which is almost silent. I dont have flashguns going off with softboxes and there arent three photographers and a videography team with sliders and steadicams.

Subtle and non instrusive wedding photography is so important on your wedding day and it’s the only way you can capture authentic photographs that really matter like this one. I hope Hannah and Nick and their family and friends love this photograph as much as I do.