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For years I’ve wanted to capture the wonderful architecture of Leek, Staffordshire. I’ve always had this idea to take photographs of some of the iconic buildings in the town and create a piece of digital art by turning the photographs into digital sketches and create a street as a panoramic. I’ve ever had time to do it, but since the Covid19 pandemic i’ve had a lot more time on my hands :-). Coupled with the fact that there are a lot less people about and cars on the road I decided now would be a great time to achieve it.

I’ve completed the project and am now going to be selling the result as prints, canvases and framed prints. I’m going to be using this to help raise money for a local charity also. My aim is to raise £500 for Home start Staffordshire Moorlands and i’ll be donating 50% of the profits of any orders of this art piece until I’ve raised £500.

This is your chance to own a piece of Leek 🙂


The Panoramic

How I created the art piece

Firstly I needed to photograph the buildings. I made a list of the oldest and most iconic buildings of Leek and wandered around and captured them. I then edited each photograph individually. Lastly I needed to create the sketched look so I used sketching filters to craft each photo into a digital illustration. I then had to separately find some cobbled road with a pavement to photograph. I found the perfect location in the marketplace. Lastly I extended the pavement and cobbled road and lined the buildings up on the street.

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this project. The architecture in Leek is full of history, I could have photographed another 10 buildings easily but I decided 10 as the right amount for a good length panoramic piece, otherwise it would end up being far too long and need to be printed huge in order to see any of the detail. These are 10 of my favourite buildings in leek.

At the bottom of the page are a range of products you can order from mounted prints to canvases and frames. I hope that this project can help raise money for a fantastic charity and provide the people of Leek with a lovely piece of digital art.


The Buildings

A close look at the buildings I selected

Clerk Bank


The Monument




Grammar School


Maude Institute


The Foxlowe


The Cock Inn


Nicholsen Institute


The Roebuck


St Edwards Church


The Products

Panoramic Prints

Luxury print with a high quality strut mount of the entire street piece with all 10 buildings aligned. Three sizes available.

15×5 inches – £25

18×6 inches – £30

24×8 inches – £40


Individual Prints

Luxury print of one individual building mounted in a high quality strut mount. Two sizes available.

9×6 inch – £15

12×8 inch – £20



Luxury Canvas

A fantastic quality panoramic canvas of the entire street piece with all 10 buildings aligned. Two sizes available

30×10 inch – £150

40x 12 inch – £200


Individual Canvas

A fantastic quality individual canvas of one individual building. Two sizes available

14×10 inch – £65

20×16 inch – £95


Panoramic Framed Print

Luxury framed print of the entire street piece with all 10 buildings aligned. Two sizes available.

20×8 inch – £125

35×12 inch – £195


Individual Building Framed Print

Luxury framed print of the an individual building. Two sizes available.

12×8 inch – £95

15×10 inch – £125