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GoPro Videos

A GoPro is a tiny HD wide angle video camera. Combined with a lapel mic for audio it can be used to capture video of your wedding. In the Extended Media Package I will capture both your ceremony and speeches using a GoPro. A great addition if you are not having a videographer at your wedding. See an example below:

GoPro Ceremony Highlights from Joe Scrivens on Vimeo.

Stop Motion Videos

Stop Motion videos are so much fun to watch. In the Extended Media Package you get a second photographer along for the day who captures your wedding through stills that are then put together with music to tell the story of your day in a unique, fun way in 3 minutes.

If you aren’t having a videographer or don’t fancy watchig a 30-45 minute video of your wedding this is a great way to relive your day in around 3 minutes. See examples below
Sarah and Craig

Sarah and Craig from Joe Scrivens on Vimeo.

Amanda and Ali

Amanda and Ali from Joe Scrivens on Vimeo.

Sarah and Jamie

Sarah and Jamie Stop Motion from Joe Scrivens on Vimeo.


HD Slideshow

Also included in the Extended Media Package is an HD slideshow. You will choose around 80 images and a slideshow template and your images will be put into the slideshow and included on your USB. See an example below: