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The Kiss

Allyce and Leon sealing the deal. So during a wedding there are always predictable moments as well as anticipated moments. The first kiss is one of the those predictable moments which means you know it’s going to happen. As the first kiss approaches I make a few decisions on how I’m going to shoot it – up close, wide, straight on, at an angle etc. With these guys I made a choice to shoot it from a medium focal length because I wanted to get some of the guests in the photo because they were a lively crowd and I felt like the kiss would look great with a few smiling faces around them.

The one thing you can’t predict is actually how the kiss is going to go down – will it be a simple peck on the cheek or a full on head grabbing embrace. That’s where the magic happens in this photo. The extra touch from Allyce as she grabs Leon round the chops makes this picture.