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The Bride is Revealed

Every so often I hang back with the bride after bridal prep to capture her getting into the dress and sometimes there are people waiting downstairs eager to see what she looks like. It all depends on how secretive the bride has been with her dress as to how dramatic this reveal is.

At Sarah and Johnathans wedding back in September we had one of these moments. Here is what it looks like.

Tern Hill Hall Wedding Photography

I love this photograph because it tells a wonderful story and really freezes a moment in time. The best photographs show the future generation not just what a moment looked like, but how a moment felt. That’s how you go from an average photograph to a great one.

Pride in the mother of the brides face is always a massive plus as a photographer. These are the really important people at a wedding and you hope you are there to be able to take pictures of important feelings from important people. The two bridesmaids hand gestures tell you a lot. One with her hands up to her face which is what we do when we are felling excited and the other holding her hands over her heart which is a gesture full of love. Your eyes move across the picture from left to right and then lock onto the reflection in the mirror of the bride so finally the viewer gets the context of what exactly these three people are so happy to see. When I look at this photograph I definitely associate with how these three people are feeling and thats why I love it.

In my mind I planned on trying to capture all of this in one frame but it doesn’t always work. People are unpredictable and you can only hope everything will line up like this. Sometimes you get lucky.

If you would like to see more of this wedding you can see more at the link below

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