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I love this photo from a recent wedding. It’s about 5 minutes after Emma and Dan were married and that is Dan’s Mum squeezing into Emma. It’s such a real moment and you can just see the excitement on both their faces. There was a moment just before this where they were both looking at each other, their faces just full of expressions of joy and happiness.
The Heath House Wedding Photography

But it’s not just about that moment the photograph is a great storytelling photograph because we’ve got context. We can see the stunning staircase in the background which give us some very pleasing symmetry with the angles and if you look really closely you can even see the time on the clock.

Surrounding Emma and Dan’s Mum are guests of the wedding doing what guests at weddings do – socialising and then inbetween all the furore of the wedding we have this beautiful moment in time captured forever. That elation on Emmas face and the expression on Dan’s Mum is just priceless and it reminds me of how much happiness and laughing there was at this wedding.

This one picture completely encapsulates the feel of Emma and Dan’s wedding and it’s moments like these that a Storytelling Wedding Photographer lives for. They dont always happen and there is so much going on that it’s easy to miss – but by reading human emotions and keeping your eye open you give yourself the chance of capturing something wonderful to preserve a moment in time forever.

You can see the rest of this wedding here: