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Last year my family went to Disney World in Florida. We had such a wonderful time there. I remember feeling happy every day, not just because of where we were but also because of two uninterrupted weeks with my family and seeing the smiles on my children’s faces every single day. I took just one camera with me on that holiday and no spare lenses. I shot the whole holiday on a Fujifilm 100t which has a fixed 35mm equivalent focal length.

In my kitchen I have this photograph that I had framed for my wife for Christmas:


Here it is framed on the wall

Every time I look at this photograph I smile and it reminds me of how I felt when I was on holiday. It was taken at Discovery Cove which is a luxury beach resort. Daisy and Finn didn’t actually pose for this photograph, they were playing a game of something or other for 4 hours in this pool at one point Daisy was picking Finn up and i was just interacting with them and grabbed this frame whilst they were smiling.

It’s one of my favourite photographs from our holiday and I am able to enjoy it every single day because it’s on display on my wall as opposed to a file on my computer. I think it’s so important to get your photographs on display so you can enjoy them every day. We have a ton of our photographs on our walls and I never tire of looking at them. It’s more than just to remind you of how an event looked or how your children looked – it’s to remind you of how you felt when that photograph was taken.

So come on, get those photographs off your computer and on your walls – start enjoying them!