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50% off Wedding Album Sale

£325 for a limited time

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Luxury Wedding Album

For a limited time only you have an opportunity to purchase a lustre finish wedding album for 50% of it’s normal price.

This is for a 12 inch, 15 spread Lustre Wedding Album with embossing and a large range of cover options. Normally priced at £650 – now £325 if ordered and paid for between 6th April and 20th April.

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Lustre Photo books are a deluxe photo album similar to the Fine Art book but instead of a cotton rag matte page they have a more rigid page and the pages have a slightly glossy lamination to them which adds a little more punch to the images.

The prints go right across the page with no break in the seem so you can have awesome double page spreads edge to edge. These come in a large variety of cover options too.

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Order below



These books come in a series of awesome colours and material. You can have leather or cotton in the follow colours

Natural / Lux Linens

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Premium Pastel Linens

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Premium Silk

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How do I pick my photos?

Go back to your gallery with your photographs in. Favourite the ones you want in the album using the heart icon on each picture, and then send me the favourites using the “send to photographer” link.

Pick between 80 and 100 photos.

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Order your wedding album

Fill in the details below and I will send you an invoice to be paid.

If you have already put down a deposit on your wedding album and have any pre-approved discount I will apply this to the final invoice before I request payment.