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The Best Wedding Venues in Staffordshire

I’m lucky to live in a part of the world that has some of the most stunning wedding venues this country has to offer. There are so many wedding venues in Staffordshire and this page just lists a select few of them that I have personally worked at.

I work at many venues but there are some that I find myself going back to time and again. Partly to do with their locality to me, but mainly because I love working at them.

Use the links below to select some of my featured venues

The Ashes, Leek Road,
Endon, Staffordshire
Moorlands, Stoke-on-Trent
ST9 9AX +44 (0)1782 502 164

The Ashes Exclusive Country House Wedding Venue

The Ashes Wedding Venue is a barn wedding venue in Staffordshire. It is my favourite place to work of all the Wedding Venues in Staffordshire. It’s right up my street, gorgeous views, rustic barns, highland cows! What more could you ask for?

You can see more details of the Ashes Wedding Venue on my detailed page for the venue. To see some examples of weddings captured at this Staffordshire Barn Wedding Venue take a look below.

I’ve captured a huge number of weddings at The Ashes Barns Wedding Venue, and every one of them is different to the last. The options for where you can take photographs at this wedding venue are endless.

Pendrell Hall, Codsall Wood
Staffordshire, WV8 1QP
+44 (0) 1902 840099

Pendrell Hall Wedding Venue

Pendrell Hall is another of my favourite Wedding Venues in Staffordshire. It’s in complete contrast to The Ashes but just as spectacular. It also boasts some amazing accomodation. This wedding venue in Staffordshire is a great choice for summer and winter weddings as it combines fantastic grounds with a beautiful interior.

You can see more details of the Pendrell Hall Wedding Venue on my detailed page for the venue. To see some examples of weddings captured at this Staffordshire Wedding Venue take a look below.

Weston Bank, Weston,
Stafford, ST18 0BA
01889 271082

Weston Hall Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a modern Wedding Venue in Staffordshire then look no further than Weston Hall. Amazing Gothic architecture with a small but picturesque garden setting.

One of my favourite features of Weston Hall as a wedding venue is the outside terrace with bar which proves a very popular place to enjoy your wedding reception during the summer months.

Mottram Hall, Wilmslow Road,Mottram, SK10 4QT

Mottram Hall Wedding Venue

Mottram Hall is a very grande venue just across the border of Staffordshire. It has a spa as well as a full wedding reception area and some glorious gardens to explore. The library is a delightful room and in the evening you can spill into the bar area.

Manchester Rd, Hulme Walfield, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2JH

Sandhole Oak Wedding Venue

When I worked at Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Venue I saw the greatest sunset I’ve ever seen. It has a fantastic lake which faces a sunset and a glorious lonely tree directly opposite the venue which, on a still day, reflects in the mirror lake.

Accomodation, barns, a beautiful lake and fantastic food make this venue a great place to stage your wedding.

Ingestre Hall, Ingestre, Staffordshire, ST18 0RF

Ingestre Hall Wedding Venue

Ingestre Hall is a very unique wedding venue in Staffordshire. For the majority of the year it is an arts centre, but in the summer it becomes a fantastic wedding venue with a very grand interior. The ornate steps are spectacular and the ceremony room has ample light.

Weston Rd, Haslington, Crewe CW1 6UZ

Crewe Hall Wedding Venue

Just across the Staffordshire border this is one of the elite wedding venues. You can have all kinds of size weddings at Crewe Hall. Small or large as they have multiple rooms which they can use for the wedding reception. The grounds are vast and prove perfect for portrait photographs.

This venue has lots of accomodation so it lends itself well to being a very good wedding venue.

Black Lane, Whiston nr Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent ST10 2HZ

Whiston Hall Wedding Venue

If space and green is what you are looking for from your Staffordshire Wedding Venue then Whiston Hall should catch your eye. It has it’s own golf course so you can have a really fun way of transporting yourself around the venue.

Theres a large house where you can have your wedding in one of to different rooms as well as a separate bar and reception area for the dancing.

The Plough Inn, Macclesfield Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 2NH

The Plough Wedding Venue

The Plough at Eaton is just over the Staffordshire border. It’s a really relaxed place to have your wedding. The ceremony room is full of rustic oak beams and has tons of character. It makes this a very unique wedding venue.

It also boasts a very comfortable pub with exceptional food and lovely accomodation. Nestled in the countryside if you are looking for a unique wedding venue with roaring fires and heaps of character then take a look at The Plough

Westwood Park, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8NP

Westwood College Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a very unique place to get married then look no further than Westwood College. This building is spectacular and don’t be concerned that it is also a school. On a wedding day you enter through the grand hallway and into the library for your wedding. It feels nothing like a school.

Westwood also has some beautiful grounds around the hall to use for your portraits. It’s a favourite of mine for doing family shoots too.

Park Hall Farm Wedding Venue, Park Hall Farm, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 4NP

Park Hall Farm Wedding Venue

This wedding Venue in Staffordshire is nestled away in the moorlands and provides a tranquil setting for your wedding. There are a few different options for your ceremony including a conservatory and a few rooms inside the main house.

The real gem of this venue are the picturesque gardens and lake, providing that beautiful backdrop that every couple wants for their special day.

Foxtail Barns, Consall Ln, Stoke-on-Trent ST9 0AG

Foxtail Barns Wedding Venue

In the North East of Staffordshire not far from Leek is a great Wedding Venue with the largest set of gardens of any wedding venue throughout Staffordshire. That is Foxtail Barns. Lakes, ponds, unique sculptures and an outdoor ceremony option all lend themselves to creating a very grand venue to get married in.

Lichfield, Staffs, WS14 9RE

Swinfen Hall Wedding Venue

Swinfen Hall is a wedding venue in the south eat of Staffordshire. It’s a lovely venue with a very iconic architecture. The long drive up to the venue is a beautiful moment to soak in the wedding that is about to happen. Combine this with a very impressive garden area and you have a spectacular wedding venue in Staffordshire to enjoy your wedding at.

Sandon Hall,
ST18 0BZ +44 1889 508004

Sandon Hall

Sandon Hall is a wonderful country house venue in the heart of Staffordshire. The drive up to the venue will take your breath away. There are 600 acres of lush countryside teaming with wildlife which are only trumped by the historic hall that comes into view once you reach the end of the drive.

There are multiple options for your ceremony at Sandon Hall including the wonderful naturally lit conservatory. The grounds around the venue lend themselves perfectly to wedding photography and no matter the weather you can guarantee your wedding photographs are going to be breathtaking

You can see a wonderful blog of a Sandon Hall Wedding below.