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Documentary Wedding Photography

So I thought I’d create a series of blog posts explaining why I chose the 100 photos for my best of 2016 set. It’s hard sometimes to know why I love a picture I’ve taken, but other times I can put my finger right on it straight away. Sometimes it’s just a feeling I get from something in the picture and other times it was totally planned from the start and I executed exactly what I wanted to do, so it becomes a favourite.

Ok, so here goes …


Epic church with a bride and groom getting married during a summer wedding.



Holy Trinity Church

This picture was from Alex and Nick’s wedding at Holy Trinity Church, Eccleshall and then on to Goldstone Hall for the Reception. I picked this shot because I really love all the vertical lines and geometry of the shapes in the picture. The architecture of this church was just epic. These old churches with the huge windows are sometimes hard to portray how beautiful they are in pictures.

Capturing Scale

You’ve probably seen that in your own pictures before. You are stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon and it’s breathtaking, then you take a picture and show it to your friends and it just seems so underwhelming. It’s all about scale and composition. Because I’ve taken this picture from such a low vantage point using a wide angle lens I’ve managed to get all the window as well as the floor in and the distortion of the lens is making the edges start to converge which helps with a dramatic effect on the visuals.


Then having the bride and groom in the picture with the Vicar gives the room a large sense of scale which helps you appreciate the enormity of the moment. I chose this picture because at this point in the service you often don’t hear what the vicar is saying, we as the audience have been very much a part of the service up to this point, but when the couple walk up to the altar we often don’t get to hear what is being said, the distance the couple are away from the camera and the grand scale really help to convey that message. It’s about the couple and their marriage at this point.


You can see more of my 2016 best of here. Or watch the slideshow below

best of 2016 from Joe Scrivens on Vimeo.