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Why I chose these Images

A blog explaining my thoughts around why I chose 3 images to include in my best of the year

The Bride’s Smile

This is Bec as she’s walking down the aisle with her Dad. Ash looking on and getting emotional. Bec makes the photo by reacting in a fit of laughter at Ash getting emotional. Topped off by Dad’s expression. Really makes me smile when I look back at this photo. It’s like Bec knew exactly what Ash would do and is laughing despite it.

Ash spent most of the day with a tissue to his face tbh lol. During the ceremony and during the speeches, especially when he had to deliver his own speech.

It’s easy to concentrate on one person here and take a photo of just their reaction but when deciding how to frame the shot it needs context, that’s why all three are framed this way – it tells a story all on it’s own.

The Groom Wipes a Tear

This is Tom waiting for Abbie. It’s a privilege being at the front because you get a front seat right into these peoples lives.

Tom is wiping away a tear while standing at the end of the aisle waiting to see his bride at a wedding at the Mill Barns. Tom has been waiting for what seems like an eternity for his bride to arrive. He’s nervous, excited, and most of all, he’s ready to marry the love of his life.

Abbie is taking her time getting ready for her walk down the aisle because she wants everything to be perfect for this momentous occasion in her life. She’s spent months planning this wedding with her mother and bridesmaids, who are helping her get dressed in her beautiful white gown

In this photo the moment is enough that I only need to focus on the groom himself

The Bride’s Reveal

This is such a wonderful photograph. Hayley walking out of the dressing room at Foxtail Barns in Staffordshire and her bridesmaids and Mum seeing her for the first time. It’s a wonderful feeling, seeing the bride for the first time. The bride is usually so nervous and excited that she can’t sit still. She’s constantly moving around and talking, making sure everything is perfect.

It’s a very emotional moment for the bridesmaids, too. You’ve all been working hard for months to make this wedding happen, and now it’s finally here! It’s so exciting to see your friend or sister finally become a bride!

Once again – context is everything. Framing the bride with the bridesmaids looking on gives the viewer and sense of being in the moment. You get to see their reaction from Hayley’s point of view