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Why I chose these Images

A blog explaining my thoughts around why I chose 3 images to include in my best of the year

The Nan

Love this frame I managed to capture for Kelly. I saw her making a bee line towards her grandmother who was being pushed along out of the ceremony in her wheelchair. These are important moments of important people so you have to spend the day waiting for them to happen. When they do you’ve got a matter of seconds usually to get in place and capture the magic.

The bride and her grandmother share a special bond, and that bond is often celebrated at the wedding. The bride often kisses her grandmother after she has been married, and this can be a very emotional moment for both of them. The bride’s relationship with her grandmother is often one of the most important relationships in her life, and so it can be a beautiful thing to see them share this moment together on such an important day.

The Best Man

Best men don’t often show much emotion in my experience. Usually they are a best mate of the groom who’s sole purpose is to tell some embarrassing stories during the speech, but every now and again the Best Man is a brother or other relative of the couple. In this case Lawrence’s brother. Lawrence and his best man were very close to their grandparents and this moment happened after they had seen a photo of their Nan on the window sill just before the ceremony and it all got a bit much.

Photos like this are hard to come by. We’re talking about moments that last seconds, especially when it’s happening to men in public. Majority of men don’t want to show how they are feeling in public and so you’ve got a very small window within which to capture moments like this. I like this photo because it shows the humility of the best man, a role that’s often thought to just be about a funny speech.

The Hug

A guest hugging the bride. I take a lot of photos of hugs, they make up the majority of the candid photos directly after the ceremony. I love a hug photo! Big smiles on the guests face, what shows the bond between two people better than a hug. Most people hug to the left so I deliberately place myself on the right hand side of them as I’m waiting for the right moment to take the shot.

The bride and groom are the stars of the show, but their guests are just as important. The guest looks so happy in this image. It shows the love and support the couple have from their family and friends. I think this image says a lot about weddings, marriage and relationships in general.