I loved capturing Allýce and Leon’s wedding a few weeks ago. The couple celebrated at The Ashes in Endon, Staffordshire. Such a charming place, it’s refreshing to come back to The Ashes. When it comes to wedding ceremony locations, they don’t get much better than here. The fields, the lake, the cows. It has it all and no matter how often I come back, it’s always different, because weddings are all about the people!

Bridal Prep Storytelling

I started the day by capturing Allyce’s story as preparations begun in the morning at The Old Dairy. She had her hair and makeup finished and I photographed the story as it developed. Allyce was actually not nervous at all, or at least she didn’t seem it to me, but seemed full of excitement. It’s a really fun time just before the wedding with all the bridesmaids around as the excitement builds.

Allyce and Leon tied the knot at The West Barn and it was a touching ceremony amongst family and friends. Allyce couldn’t hold back a few tears during the vows. I know Leon was feeling quite nervous leading up to the service but he kept his nerves at bay and smiled throughout.

Hot summer weddings

The reception was held outdoors as it was such a lovely day.  All the guests were cheerful and you could feel the joyful atmosphere at the reception. Allyce and Leon had hired a steel band to play during the festivities and the subtle sounds of the drumsticks on metal gave the atmosphere a welcome party feel. I enjoy drifting among the guests to take the best shots and witness the stories unfold as the hours go by. Summer weddings let me get the best of each moment. The day was bright and sunny, which lit up the venue nicely, and meant we could really take advantage of the wonderful surroundings.

Once the reception was over the meal began and then once that was finished it was time for the speeches. Some of the best reactions are shot whilst the speeches are being delivered. Plenty of hugs and quite a few tears were captured as the speakers delivered their words to a receptive crowd.

After the joy and laughter of the day, the only thing the guests had not done was dance. So they all took to the dance floor at the sound of some epic tunes. Allyce and Leon created an awesome day and I hope they have a happy life together.


The Topiary Tree Florist

The Cave Band

Steel Drum Band

Caro Millington

Amelia Bridal Event Hair