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Last year I captured the wedding of Anthony and Dan. During the walk into the ceremony room I captured this lovely moment.

Wedding photographers working at The Heath House

I wanted to share this photograph from their wedding because it’s one I really love. Anthony and Dan decided to walk together into the ceremony room with their best man and best woman in toe. Once they were in the room they came together and the little touch captured in this image from Anthony to Dan is a beautiful moment. It’s a split second, it’s not a huge hug or a dramatic kiss, but it is just as powerful.

These little details are always happening at weddings, human interactions that reassure, show love, communicate happiness and it is my job as a wedding photographer to notice them. Sometimes they are so small I miss them, I can’t capture them all of course but I will always do my best to find as many of them as I can and preserve them forever.

I hope Anthony and Dan like this picture as much as I do.

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