An exterior shot of the Ashes
the brdial party laughing
a big hug from bride to mum
bridal prep busy room
the ashes ceremony barn from inside
the bride having her hair done
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the bride having her dress done up from the back
bride with her eyes closed in the prep room
a shot of the back of the brides dress
aerial shot of bride getting into her dress
bride coming down the stairs
many hands helping bride get into her dress
the bride walks down the stairs
a bride laughing
the entrance of the bride into the ceremony room
the bride being walked in by her dad
two brides holding hands
two brides putting the ring on during their vows
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the brides posing for pictures
a selfie from the bridesmaids
mum hugging her daughter after just getting married
a bride with a tight squeeze for dad
dad giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek
a guests hugging a bride at the wedding
bride talking with her guests and smiling
two brides kissing
a natural portrait at the Ashes wedding
two brides holding hands at The Ashes
The ashes Coach house with two brides in the arch
An aerial shot of the two brides together
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a wide shot of the ashes during a wedding with two brides
The brides walking across the grass
Two brides enter the wedding barn
A dad giving his speech
the guests laughing during the speeches
the bride smiling at The Ashes
The bridesmaids giving a good speech
one of the brides enjoying the speeches
A bride giving her speech
The cutting of the cake
Two brides with Love sign at The Ashes in Staffordshire
the first dance at The Ashes
dance floor action during the wedding at The Ashes
dance floor
the bride dancing and smiling
the two brides getting down on the dance floor
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the brides outside in a night lit shot